Special laser system operates at 3 wavelengths from a single generator.

The device has no analogues and allows you to apply all laser treatment technologies in the world.

Transportation of laser radiation is carried out using a single fiber , that works with any endoscopic equipment.

Three laser channels and high power allow you to apply different methods of treatment:

LASER 1: Volumetric coagulator + tissue regeneration
effective volume coagulation and hemostasis
at low dissecting properties.
LASER 2: Dry field cutter + surface coagulator + soft lithotriptor
contact dissection of tissues with coagulating action,
good coagulating properties with a small area of tissue damage
LASER 3: Narrow cutter + micro coagulator + micro lithotriptor
strong dissecting properties with small coagulation,
tissue vaporization mode, minimal tissue damage,
"safe mode" of work in hollow organs.

The multimedia control system with touch controls,voice interface and foot pedal allow you to control the laser from a distance.

The screen can be rotated and extended to the user for the size of the device.


• laser type Nd:YAG
• mode of operation pulse frequency
• wavelength, micron 1,064 1,320 1,444
• power, W 100 60 25
• pulse energy, J 4 2 1
• pilot laser red + green
• diameter of light guide, mm 0,300 - 0,600
• optical connector SMA-905
• cooling system water,autonomous
• power supply 220В. / 50Гц. 18А,
• dimensions, mm 620х840х1490
• weight, kg 120

Pulsed mode is more effective in dissecting tissue. Dissection requires
less laser power
and therefore minimizes damage to surrounding tissues.

Pulse mode eliminates carbonization of the wound surface and the
smoke of the operating room air.

Pulsed mode provides a more local effect, minimal damage to surrounding tissues.

Pulse mode eliminates the ignition of the distal end of the fiber
when the contact dissection of tissue.